Using hand-held dot peen markers

Using Hand-Held Dot Peen Markers for Challenging Industrial Applications

Hand-held dot peen markers are lightweight and ergonomic tools used for industrial marking. You can use these tools with a pistol grip to mark parts with a series of tiny, clear, legible dots for traceability, identification and quality control. The markers use a stylus with a diamond, tungsten or carbide tip to indent industrial surfaces with permanent dates, times, shift codes and serial numbers.

Portable dot peen markers are typically preferred in instances when flexibility is required. These versatile tools may also be used in numerous challenging industrial applications.

Challenging Industrial Applications of Hand-Held Dot Peen Markers

The use of traditional benchtop dot peen marking systems may be limited by the size or orientation of the part or the unique properties of the material you’re working with. In these instances when benchtop markers won’t deliver precise and accurate marks, you reach out for your hand-held dot peen marker. Hand-held dot peen markers are the best choice when:

  • Identification can’t be integrated into the assembly process or must be done at the end of the production run.
  • Working with soft and fragile materials such as aluminum or plastic, which are susceptible to damage from the high force applied by benchtop dot peen markers.
  • Depth control is necessary, such as when marking delicate materials or surfaces whose integrity must be maintained. Portable dot-peen markers allow adjustable marking depth.
  • Marking large, heavy or difficult-to-access parts, such as pipes and valves, in the oil and gas industry.
  • Marking irregular, curved or uneven surfaces because the pin travel is not limited.
  • Working in wet and dirty manufacturing industries such as pipelines.
  • Looking for an affordable dot peen marker with fewer consumables.
  • Creating complex designs and detailed text on parts, such as company logos and 2D Data Matrix codes.
  • Marking aerospace parts and equipment because they use less force and cause very limited stress on the parts.
  • Using them for low-volume and light-duty marking applications.

Benefits of Hand-Held Dot Peen Markers

Several features of portable dot peen markers make them ideal for demanding industrial applications better than stationary markers ever would. Here are some of their advantages:


Hand-held dot peen markers come with ergonomic handles that allow use in any orientation. They also feature an adjustable front system that enables the marking of equipment of any shape or size with curved or irregular surfaces. Their lightweight construction ensures they can be used for marking large parts because operators can use them for long periods with one hand or using a magnetic standoff.

Because they’re compact, operators can transport them to different job sites and use them in tiny workspaces where space and movement are limited. Most portable dot peen markers are battery-powered, so they can be used outdoors or in areas without readily available power.


Portable hand-held dot peen markers boast impressive versatility. This is evident in their ability to engrave precise and efficient markings in a wide range of materials with different qualities, including stainless steel, aluminum, composites, plastics and ceramics. You can use them to mark equipment with part numbers, dimensions or serial numbers in many industries, including manufacturing, aerospace, automotive, oil and gas.

They are the universally acceptable way of marking construction and housing industry parts because these parts consist of different materials, including wood, plastic, hard metal, vinyl and rubber. Additionally, these markers can reach multiple areas around a part, engraving different markings, intricate designs and detailed text before, during and after production.


Are you looking to mark parts for identification, traceability, personalization and quality control? Hand-held dot peen markers are the best choice because they deliver high-quality, precise and accurate marks using the same amount of power as stationary markers. They allow depth and width control of the marks through user-friendly software, making them ideal for use in industries where precision is non-negotiable, like aerospace, manufacturing and meta-machining. Some options also come with a double-strike feature that allows you to increase the depth of the marks by going over twice.

With cordless portable dot peen marker, you can embed marks in hard-to-reach surfaces without forgoing quality. They also ensure efficiency by marking parts at the same speed as benchtop or stationary markers, and when you get the multi-pin options, you get the job done even faster. In addition, multi-pin markers enable you to strike out existing marks and imprint new ones if there’s a change or modification in the product information.


Many portable dot pen markers can be integrated into the in-line industrial process. Some models have advanced features, such as wireless connectivity, to make integrating cordless markers into automated production lines or computer-controlled systems easy. Attaching portable markers to stationary marking systems allows you to mark tiny, fragile and irregular parts more easily.

The Telesis Hand-Held Markers

There are two main types of hand-held dot peen markers — pneumatic and electric. Pneumatic dot peen markers are more portable as they use a small air compressor to power the stylus, while electric markers must be connected to a power source. You can also find convenient battery-powered markers for off-grip applications. At Telesis, we offer all three types of portable dot peen markers. Here are our top recommendations:

  • PINSTAMP® TMP4750: This single pin dot peen marker is perfect for high-production marking in constrained spaces. It is easy to use when hand-held or mounted onto a benchtop.
  • PINSTAMP® TMP4500E: This incredibly fast electric portable dot peen marker has an ergonomic grip and a double strike feature.
  • Nomad 2000: This is an electric portable dot peen marker with a rechargeable battery-powered system that can be used anywhere.
  • BenchMark460®This affordable, entry-level, portable electric dot peen marker can be used in any location.

Get Customizable Hand-Held Dot Peen Markers From Telesis

Telesis designs and manufactures a range of lightweight, compact and cordless dot peen markers to fit your unique applications. Our product line includes premium PINSTAMP® and entry-level BenchMark® portable dot-peen markers. The Telesis range of hand-held dot peen markers comes with ergonomic handles that are comfortable to use for long periods.

We also offer customization for the grips, magnets and clamps to improve usability and marking results. Contact us to purchase hand-held dot peen markers or learn more about how we can help you find the right one for your challenging industrial applications.


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