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The Summit.Pro Laser Marker is a high quality, adaptable fiber marker for any production line or manufacturing facility.

Summit Pro™

The Apex 200 Laser is one of the most powerful, innovative laser markers in the industry.



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Dual-Head Lasers

Fiber Laser Marking Systems

Fiber laser marking systems produce high-quality, legible, semi-permanent marks using a fiber laser beam. The system extracts concentrated energy from the light, and the laser beam leaves an impression on the material.

Each fiber laser marker emits a different wavelength, which is compatible with different materials. Fiber laser marking systems can engrave many materials, including:

With a fiber laser marker, manufacturers can engrave various designs, including:

These material and design possibilities make fiber laser engraving ideal for many applications, including:

Benefits of Fiber Laser Markers

Compared to other laser engraving techniques, fiber laser marking systems offer many advantages, including:

  • Cost-efficiency: Fiber laser marking machines are easy to work with and have few maintenance needs. The low heat output reduces the risk of heat damage to the material. These factors make fiber lasers cost-efficient.
  • Versatility: Fiber laser engraving is compatible with many materials, so manufacturers in several industries can utilize this technology. The durable build means these machines are built to last in harsh environments.
  • Speed: Fiber laser marking makes engraving quicker and easier. Since fiber laser marking is automated, manual tasks are reduced or eliminated. The fiber laser is also more concentrated compared to other laser types.


Why Choose Telesis Technologies, Inc. for Fiber Laser Marking Systems?

Telesis Technologies, Inc. is a leader in fiber laser marking. Our technological innovations have revolutionized the industry. When you partner with us, you can expect:

  • Rugged and reliable equipment built to last in tough environments.
  • Off-the-shelf and customization options to suit your operations.
  • One-stop shop service with all the products and services you need in one place.
  • Assistance from our expert team to help achieve your goals.


Request a Quote for Fiber Laser Marker Machines Today

If you are looking for a laser system upgrade or your first laser engraving solution, choose Telesis Technologies, Inc. We will help you introduce fiber laser marking technology to your operations.

Contact our team online for a quote for your fiber laser marker. See our fiber laser marking system in action by scheduling a demo today.


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