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Telesis Technologies has partnered with many firearm manufactures, the Department of Defense, the Armed Forces and Homeland Security.

When it comes to protecting your life, you want self defense mechanisms that are reliable and up to code that follow government regulations. The companies that make these weapons and firearms trust marking companies like Telesis to provide marking equipment that exceeds government requirements and will produce top notch markings on their products.

Why choose Telesis equipment to label Firearms & Weapons

  • Telesis lasers have the ability to perform ultra deep marking to create the safest, most durable marks possible. Identification of your shooting supplies and shooting gear is possible with permanent marks made with an accurate laser.
  • When using Telesis technology, firearm and defense businesses have the marking and graphic design capabilities to produce color laser markings to make necessary distinctions between models and registrations. Our lasers can mark graphics with compound angles, making it easy to mark on products with sleek designs, uneven surfaces, and various textures.
  • Telesis Dot Peen and Laser Marking Systems create an indestructible mark that can be traced even if the original mark is compromised. The traditional rolled stamp marking method doesn’t stand up to the standard wear and tear that can erode or erase markings. Using our Dot Peen and Laser Marking Systems can make lasting impressions on your personal defense equipment and self defense weapons.

Laser Markings Systems for Munitions & Firearms

Fiber Lasers

Instead of gas, a fiber laser uses optical fiber made out of silica glass to get the job done. The fiber is “doped” when a rare-earth element is added to it. This level of beam is suitable for cutting a wide variety of materials, making it a stable choice over other lasers. The beam is straight and small, using precise focus and efficiency to create the mark. Fiber lasers tend to stay safe from heat damage or fracture and require minimal maintenance for such an efficient system, making it well-suited for the munition, defense, and firearms industry as a gun engraving machine.

BenchMark® Lasers

As entry-level dot peen markers, our line of BenchMark lasers offer a great value for smaller budgets without requiring air. The compact size makes them ideal for smaller marking areas like pistols, guns, and other firearms. Paired with the Telesis BoxPro™, a BenchMark laser offers a simple, effective design with an efficient workflow.

BenchMark® L30 with BoxPro™

BenchMark® L30 with BoxPro™

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Telesis fiber laser marker 100 watt

Fiber 100 Watt

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