Laser Marking Titanium

Titanium is a lightweight material known for its durability, shine and resistance to corrosion and tarnishing. This metal also has a higher strength-to-density ratio than any other metallic element. With so many impressive capabilities, titanium has become a popular metal in the manufacture of products across countless industries, from surgical implants and automotive valves to jewelry.


Though titanium is a useful metal for many applications, it can be challenging to mark without the proper tools. This article explains which solutions are best suited for laser marking titanium with optimal results.

Can You Laser Engrave Titanium?

Laser engraving titanium is a suitable method for this type of metal. Through this method, a laser beam physically removes materials from the titanium’s surface, creating deep, permanent marks.


In addition to laser engraving, you can also laser-mark titanium. This technique projects a concentrated laser beam onto the metal’s surface and creates a permanent mark without physically removing any of its materials.

Types of Laser Engravers for Titanium

You can perform titanium dioxide laser marking with any of the following marking machines:

Telesis green laser marker

Vanadate Laser Markers

Vanadate laser marking machines have excellent depth of focus, peak powers and beam quality. They’re useful for fine-marking temperature-sensitive materials with optimal consistency.

Green Laser Markers

These green laser systems deliver superior beam stability, power and speed in cold marking applications and can mark delicate metals with low absorption ratios.

Fiber Laser Markers

You can easily mark titanium using a fiber laser marker. These machines are versatile, precise and adaptable, and they require zero consumables.

CO2 Laser Markers

CO2 laser marking solutions can mark bare minerals like titanium when pre-treated with a special spray.

With a Fiber Laser Marking System by Telesis, you can incorporate versatile efficient technology into your manufacturing process.
UVone laser marker

UV Laser Systems

Ultraviolet laser markers use a small but powerful beam to create clear and precise micro-markings on a wide range of metals and are useful for cold marking applications.

Dual-head Laser Markers

With dual-head laser systems, you can rapid-process titanium by operating two laser markers at once using a single controller.

Benefits of Laser Marking Titanium

Laser marking or engraving titanium comes with many advantages, including:


  • High-quality marks: Laser markers produce permanent, readable marks visible to consumers.
  • Zero consumables: Titanium laser marking eliminates consumables, resulting in more affordable and eco-friendly operations.
  • Process speed: The laser marking process is fast and efficient, helping organizations create products in less time while saving money.
  • Marking precision: Since the laser doesn’t make direct contact with the titanium, it facilitates precise, error-free results.

Laser Marking Applications on Titanium

Many parts comprising titanium require unique identifiers to ensure traceability during the manufacturing process. Below are some of the many sequences you can mark on your titanium components:


  • Barcodes
  • Logos
  • Serial numbers
  • QR codes
  • Data matrix codes
  • Text

Laser-Mark Titanium With Solutions From Telesis Technologies, Inc.

You can purchase laser marking solutions for all of your titanium marking needs at Telesis Technologies, Inc. We’re known for bringing game-changing products to market that exceed industry standards and customer expectations. We build our laser markers with durable and lasting materials you can rely on.


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