BenchMark® Dot Peen Markers

BenchMark200 Dot Peen Marker

BenchMark200 Dot Peen Marker

An entry-level system with extruded aluminum marking head mounting post and base

BenchMark320® Dot Peen Marker with iZONIT™

An electric dot peen marker with industry-leading vision technology

BenchMark® 320

BenchMark320® Dot Peen Marker

An entry-level machine good for bench-top applications and stand- alone marking.

BenchMark® 460 marking machine

BenchMark460® Dot Peen Marker

An entry-level fully programmable machine great for portable marking.

Our BenchMark® collection has a reputation of being versatile, durable and precise in all forms of industrial applications.

What sets the BenchMark® line apart from all other dot peen markers is size and portability. We have designed a marker system that can be used almost anywhere. These models are good machines for beginners who are looking to facilitate low to medium production and just want something to start with.


Applications of BenchMark® Dot Peen Markers

BenchMark® machines are highly portable and can be used in various applications. The following are just a few sectors that would find this type of marker useful:

  • Aerospace and aviation: Create serial numbers or part numbers. The markings can endure harsh environments, which is a priority for this industry.
  • Automotive: Use these dot peen markers to create vehicle identification number (VIN) markings.
  • Heavy machinery: Create marks for component tracking and maintenance purposes.
  • Metal processing: You can identify metal parts and components with batch numbers, date codes and material specifications.
  • Energy sector: Within sectors like oil, gas, nuclear and renewable energy, you can use dot peen marking to identify components and adhere to safety compliance.
  • Medical sector: You can add traceable information to medical devices and instruments with serial numbers and manufacturer details to comply with medical standards.


Options to Choose From

We manufacture a number of different BenchMark® machines for you to choose from. Here are our most popular options:

  • The BenchMark200®: A dot peen marker that is perfect for industries just starting out and looking for an entry-level system. The extended aluminum marking head can easily be attached with a mounting post and base to ensure precision when using the machine.
  • The BenchMark320®: This option is also perfect for beginners but comes with standalone marking options. Controllers are available for this model and have the functionality to do logos, 2D codes and radial marking.
  • The BenchMark320® with iZONIT™ Vision Technology: The beauty of this system is that you can get it working straight out of box. The software is easy to use, and you can use it for deep, heavy-duty markings. No air is required, as it is fully electric, making it portable and great to bring on site.
  • The BenchMark460®: If portability is a factor for you, get the BenchMark460 handheld option. It has the functionality for remote operations and VIN marking.


Why Buy From Telesis Technologies, Inc.?

Buying from Telesis Technologies, Inc. will give you machines you can rely on. We pride ourselves on our customer support and the machines we manufacture. Our aim is to constantly be innovative with our designs and to bring efficiency and durability to the part marking industry.

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