Dot Peen Markers

Are you thinking about using dot peen marking on your products or packaging and looking for the best equipment to set you on your way? Maybe you’re already a seasoned dot peen user wanting to upgrade your existing equipment. Here at Telesis Technologies, Inc., we have all the dot peen marking equipment, software and guidance you need to ensure success.

BenchMark® 320

Benchmark Dot Peen

The TMP3200 dot peen machine by Telesis accommodates surface irregularities with the capability to mark soft plastics to hardened steel.


TMC470 dot peen controller

Dot Peen Controllers

TeleScribe markers

Scribe Markers

Dot Peen Marking Machines

Dot peen marking allows you to make permanent markings by hitting the surface of a substrate with a carbide or diamond pin. You can use dot peen marking machines to make impressions on various hard materials, such as metal and plastics.

At Telesis Technologies, Inc., we manufacture our own dot peen marking equipment, such as the PINSTAMP® and BenchMark® dot peen markers, dot peen controllers and scribe markers. You can find everything you need under one roof! Learn more about what dot peen marking machines are.



If you are looking for the best dot peen marker, you can’t go wrong with PINSTAMP® dot peen machines. Our patented PINSTAMP® machines are technology at its finest. These dot peen markers offer unique features such as our floating pin technology that allows you to make impressions on irregular and curved surfaces. Additionally, options like the PINSTAMP® TMM5400 use multiple pins for faster, deeper marking.

You can further enchance your PINSTAMP® dot peen machine when paired with a dot peen controller and iZONIT™ Vision Technology (available in some models). We offer two PINSTAMP® dot peen controllers for increased traceability and efficiency. The TMC520 controller offers a full-color, impact-resistant touchscreen with a graphic user interface, while the TMC470 provides a durable membrane keyboard and easy menu design.


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We also manufacture BenchMark® dot peen marking machines. These electric machines are perfect for everyday use for smaller operations. Beginners to utilizing this technology often choose BenchMark® dot peen machines, as they are easy to use. The BenchMark320®’s electric pin allows you to use the machine anywhere since you don’t need compressed air to operate it. Entry-level dot peen machines like the BenchMark460® are also ideal for portable marking.


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Why Choose Telesis Technologies, Inc.?

Telesis Technologies, Inc. provides industry-leading equipment for beginners and experts. We manufacture our equipment with the highest-quality materials to ensure long-lasting final products. Our equipment is safe to use and rises to the toughest challenges. We are pioneers in the dot peen marking industry, always looking for innovative ways to improve our technology. Our patented PINSTAMP® machines and controllers are game-changers that take dot peen marking to a new level.

We can offer customized solutions for challenging projects that require a unique solution. If our standard dot peen marking systems don’t meet your project requirements, our out-of-the-box engineering capabilities will.

We pride ourselves on our personalized customer service and support. If your dot peen machines run into problems or need maintenance, you don’t have to send them to our manufacturers. We will come to you! You can count on us to help you extend your equipment’s life span.


Purchase Your Dot Peen Marking Machine Today

If you are new to the dot peen marking scene, rely on Telesis Technologies, Inc. to provide everything you need. We are your one-stop shop for equipment, integrations, software and trusted advice. Contact us today to purchase your dot peen marking machine!

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