5 reasons laser engraving is good for the environment

9 Reasons Laser Engraving is Good for the Environment

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Manufacturers are always seeking ways to reduce costs. But, in today’s green world they also want to help the environment. Implementing laser marking technology can help lower the cost of your daily operations, but it can also reduce the amount of materials that go to landfills and lessen the use of manufacturing materials that are harmful to the environment. Laser engraving can be a big win for your bottom line — and also a win for the planet.

Here are a few more reasons to add laser marking to your manufacturing operations.

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PROBLEMS WITH INK LABELING why inkjet printing is bad

Printing typically uses inks that are made of petroleum solvents — products marked with these inks cannot always be recycled. Labels are very expensive to produce and use massive amounts of paper and glue that add to the consumer waste. Another cost factor is the added step to add the label to the product. The application of a label can be a very expensive addition and is typically a very high maintenance station to keep working without damaging the product. The additionally processes require more equipment and therefore more power consumption.



      1. Laser markers have minimal moving parts. Maintenance tasks and their associated costs are virtually non-existent.
      2. Laser markers use a small amount of energy, usually costing pennies per hour to operate.
      3. Laser markers eliminate consumables — no need for inks, filters, pins, belts, or other replaceable parts.
      4. Laser markers are clean. Ink marking stations are very dirty and difficult to clean.
      5. Laser markers allow you to have options. You can change your mark, material, or product with a quick software setting.
      6. Laser markers mark directly on the part. No need for paper labels or plates to be added to the part.
      7. Laser marking is permanent and safe. Consumers can remove ink and labels easily.
      8. Laser markers save energy. They only consume power when they mark.
      9. Laser markers are fast and efficient. Increase throughput while eliminating redundant processes.



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Lasers can be viewed as a natural use of pure light. The light from a laser does not harm the environment and can be a great way for any company to reduce their environmental footprint. As a great addition, lasers also save manufacturing costs, provide low cost of ownership, and help operators quickly realize ROI.

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