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The automotive manufacturing industry relies on Telesis’ part
marking equipment to create long-lasting and high contrast human-
readable text, 2D Matrix codes, and VINs on their products.

Automotive Parts We Can Mark:

  • Car battery
  • Motor
  • Rotor
  • Vin Number
  • Drive Axle
  • Clutch
  • Engine Parts
  • Bearings
  • Armature
  • Drive Shaft

Why does Telesis make the Auto Industry’s most trusted Laser and Dot Peen Equipment?

With our marking product technology, you can achieve permanent marking, traceability (track-and-trace), and readability/verification in your production process. Telesis’ lines of standard or fully-customizable fiber laser markers means every production challenge can be met.

Our patented dual-head laser system can streamline your operation. You can control two markers with one controller, saving time and increasing efficiency.

Types of Lasers for Automotive & Suppliers

Fiber Lasers

Instead of gas, a fiber laser uses optical fiber made out of silica glass to get the job done. The fiber is “doped” when a rare-earth element is added to it. This level of beam is suitable for cutting a wide variety of materials, making it a stable choice over other lasers. A fiber laser can handle the bumps, knocks, vibrations, and general discord of any assembly line as well. The beam is straight and small, using precise focus and efficiency to create the mark.

Another benefit to fiber lasers are their tendency to stay safe from heat damage or fracture. This laser requires minimal maintenance for such an efficient system, making it well-suited for the construction and housing industry for laser etching leather and other materials.

Dual-Head Lasers

We developed a dual-head laser that eliminates the need for a mechanism to flip over the part in order to achieve two-sided marking. The core idea of this laser was to use a single controller to run two lasers, reducing the need for customers to manipulate a part. In turn, it allows customers to save time and money.

This innovative laser is suited for advanced applications that require rapid processing. Its unique ability to control two laser markers with the same controller is the industry’s only fiber laser system to be entirely air-cooled and powered from a single-phase power outlet.

Scribe Marking Systems

These markers have special characteristics that set them apart from other machines. With Telescribe, a wide variety of marking pins are available. These products easily integrate into a wide range of automated online and manual applications. The pin penetrates without puncture, contributing to its ability to mark virtually silently. Our line of Telescribe markers produces not only crisp text but also finely-marked logos that are accurate and clean cut.


This proven industrial workhorse is an industry staple and continues to impress. The rugged, low-maintenance X/Y platform has a compact and contaminant-resistant head design that can mark a wide range of materials from soft plastics to hardened steel (rc60). Interchangeable pin sizes create marking depths of 0.001 in – 0.018 in (0.03 mm – 0.45 mm) and the floating pin technology accommodates surface irregularities up to 0.25 in (6 mm).

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