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Telesis is always looking for ways to expand our business and make our products more available worldwide. We’re ready to work with partners that will help make a difference in the businesses and industries we serve.

Why Become a Telesis Distributor?

Tradition & Respect.

Telesis is the most respected permanent marking and traceability equipment manufacturer in the industry. Celebrating 50 years in business, we’re actively bolstering our participating in the medical, automotive, packaging, aerospace, packaging, and electronics markets.

Durability & Trust.

Telesis has the longest-lasting, most durable products of any manufacturer in the industry. As a company, we invented many of these product categories and technologies,  helping us stay future-focused and reliable when it comes to offering solutions.

Guidance & Resources.

Telesis has an internal marketing agency to enhance your messaging and amplify your chances of closing sales. We offer all the tools to be self-sufficient and successful, including access to production information and marketing collateral.

    Aerospace IndustryAutomotive IndustryConsumer Products IndustryDefense IndustryElectronics IndustryEnergy IndustryFood IndustryGeneral Manufacturing IndustryIntegratorMachinery IndustryMedical IndustryMunitions IndustryOil and Gas IndustryPackaging Industry

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