Class 1 Laser Enclosures

ProStation laser enclosure


Robust, industrial, and customizable Class 1 laser enclosure for marking large parts.

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Mini ProStation Laser Enclosure

Mini ProStation™

Narrow and nimble Class 1 enclosure workstation for challenging space constraints.

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DialPro Laser Enclosure


Simultaneous load/unload and mark/read operations with dual positions. Concurrently run multiple processes in parallel with the addition of extra positions.

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Telesis BoxPro laser enclosure


The Telesis BoxPro™ arrives fully assembled, meaning once it’s powered, you can get right to work.

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ProMed™ Laser Enclosure


The Telesis ProMed™ is exclusively designed for the demanding needs medical device part marking.

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Enclosures provide a safe environment for the lasers to be used. It also provides stability for the machine, ensuring a more precise and high-quality finish. The enclosure prevents dirt, debris and other dust particulates from coming into the space, promoting a clean area for the laser to work in.

Purchasing a laser enclosure for your process elevates your production, enabling you to take the next step with your markings. The enclosure is designed to integrate seamlessly into your current workflow.


Safety First

These enclosures are designed to prevent laser radiation from escaping, protecting users from potential eye and skin injuries. Class 1 laser enclosures comply with certain requirements and international safety standards such as ANSI Z136 standards. These standards are there to provide guidelines for implementing safe laser systems in the industrial, military, educational and medical sectors.

Part of the device provides containment for the laser as well as safety interlock systems. These systems immediately shut down the laser if the enclosure is opened during operation.


Features of Class 1 Laser Enclosures

A number of machines we have designed and manufactured are specific to an industry’s requirements, regulations and needs, such as the ProMed™. This device is focused on providing laser technology enclosures for the medical field.

Overall, these machines provide the following features:

  • Visibility and access: Despite the fact that they are enclosures, we have designed our Class 1 laser enclosure with safety-rated viewing windows. There are also doors and access points in specific areas, allowing operators to access the machine and handle materials when safe to do so.
  • Noise reduction: The enclosures also help in reducing the noise generated by laser equipment, creating a safer and more comfortable environment.
  • Automated features: Many of the enclosures offer automation, such as conveyors, and facilitate high-volume production with minimal manual interventions. The modular designs give adjustable component mounts to accommodate different sizes and shapes of materials.
  • Control features: Many of the enclosures are equipped with control interfaces. These integrate into the laser system, allowing you to have access to the laser and enclosure functions from a single point.
  • Mobility: The enclosures all come on locking castor wheels, enabling you to move the laser to the side when not in use. You can also wheel it closer to different production tables or areas depending on where you need it. This mobility allows you to do laser markings when and where you need to.


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