Scribe Marking Machines

TeleScribe marker from Telesis


The SC2000 is a great low-noise compact marker for the continuous marking of human-readable characters and symbols.

TeleScribe scribe marker


The SS3700 is expertly designed with a large marking window and creates deep, quick marks with a servo-driven motor.

TeleScribe machine


The most powerful scribe marker, the heavy-duty SC5000 has a large marking window and can create extra deep and wide marks.


The scribing machines from Telesis Technologies, Inc. create high-quality marks on various surfaces. These marks are created by dragging a stylus across the part’s surface. The result is a smooth, legible and permanent mark. The scribing process is powerful and fast to improve efficiency.

Scribe markers can be used on many solid or hollow materials, including hard steels. These machines can impart very deep markings on these surfaces. This capability makes scribing machines ideal for the construction, transport, energy and automotive industries for plate marking and VIN marking on truck and car chassis. Other applications include environments where noise is a concern because scribe marking machines operate with little to no noise.


Features of Our Scribe Markers

Our scribing machines can provide legible, contrasting marks while withstanding mechanical loads. The operator uses software to determine the mark’s shape, size and location. In the system, a stylus penetrates and scratches the surface, directly marking the design onto the material. This method creates continuous lines and deep grooves in the material.

The key features of this system include:

  • The ability to make characters, numbers, logos, graphics and other designs into various materials.
  • Fast marking speeds to enhance operational efficiency.
  • Very deep engraving that is precise and permanent.
  • Continuous contact of the stylus on the material to reduce noise levels.

You can integrate your scribe marker into your industrial production line or mount it on a workstation.


Choose Telesis Technologies, Inc. for Scribing Machines

Telesis Technologies, Inc. offers scribing machines for a variety of industries and applications. Our technology allows manufacturers from virtually any sector to add bar codes, identification numbers and more to their products.

As your one-stop shop, we offer more than permanent marking options. Our team will take care of any service you need, including equipment, software, integration, customization, maintenance, service and more. Take advantage of our knowledge about scribing machines to enhance your operations.


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Telesis Technologies, Inc. is an industry leader in scribe marking machines and other laser marking technologies. Our systems exceed your expectations with innovative technology that transforms the industry. Your equipment is also built to last in tough environments. Whether you want to upgrade your existing laser marking system or purchase your first laser machine, our scribe markers are an excellent choice.

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