Green Laser Marker

A Unique Product: What is a “Green” Laser?

What is a Green Laser?

Creating permanent traceability marks is critical for many manufacturers. Sometimes, very delicate materials require the use of non-traditional methods and equipment to achieve this because the item  is sensitive or the absorption ratio is so low that it is very difficult to get a readable amount of contrast in the permanent mark (2D Matrix Code or human-readable text). Because of this, Telesis has developed a variety of lasers that feature a range of wavelengths and introduced these products to the market, allowing manufacturers to mark virtually any product. The 532 nm Green laser is the laser of choice for marking the most difficult materials.

The Green Laser is Unique

The 532 mn wavelength of the Green laser is in the visual spectrum. While traditional lasers are outside the visual spectrum, the visual light produced by this laser will be a bright green color. The green laser can mark a very wide range of plastics, reflective materials, and materials that are sensitive to heat. The green laser is often called a “cold” marking laser as it marks materials without generating heat that can damage sensitive or even very thin materials. Another important feature of the green laser is the very high beam quality and stability.

Applications for using a Green Laser

Precious metals such as gold, silver, and copper can be easily marked using the green laser. The green laser is also often the best choice for printed circuit boards, electrical components, computer chips, foil, magnetic cards, and sensitive electronics. Materials that have transparency or particular colors that cannot be marked with a traditional 1064 nm wavelength (fiber) laser, can often be marked with a green laser. The green laser also allows for a “soft touch” which is great for the application of marking a gold coating without exposing the board beneath. The green laser has also been a good application laser for marking 2D codes on dental aligners.

Telesis Technologies offers a very robust fiber-coupled, diode-pumped, solid-state (DPSS) green 532 nm laser system. The EV4GDS system is designed around the Merlin LS software and offers all of the same great features that are available on the traditional lasers offered by Telesis.



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