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Entry-Level Laser Marker

The BenchMark® L30 lasers are engineered to be easy to use and quickly deploy for most commercial laser applications. Compact and lightweight, BenchMark® L30 laser markers can mark most metals and plastics.


  • Compact and lightweight head for ease of integration
  • Proven design from the company that pioneered the use of laser technology in track-and-trace marking equipment
  • Merlin® software makes pattern design easy
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BenchMark L30 marking machine
  • Features superior beam technology for fast and efficient marking
  • Safe in non-climate controlled environments where shock, vibration, and dust are a concern
  • Telesis quality at a lower price point for entry-level applications
  • Designed to work directly “out of the box”
  • BenchMark® L30 Laser Marker
  • Programmable Mounting Post