How Telesis Uses Robotic Integration

Telesis Technologies, Inc. is at the forefront of innovation in the laser marking industry. We leverage industry 4.0 technology within our laser marking systems to produce precise, efficient tools. Our use of robotics allows us to develop powerful laser marking equipment for businesses across industries.


Industry 4.0 Laser Marking Systems

Laser marking is one of the most efficient and reliable ways to leave a permanent mark on any surface. Our laser systems use artificial intelligence (AI) to resolve common challenges and enhance the benefits of laser engraving.

Businesses often implement additional steps when using laser marking systems. For instance, an employee manually rotates a part and positions the laser to produce the appropriate mark on the appropriate side. An employee would also manually inspect parts for defects before beginning the marking process. Telesis laser markers delegate these processes to robotics and artificial intelligence to improve efficiency and accuracy.

The robotics and AI available through industry 4.0 advancements improve laser marking by enhancing four crucial steps of the process:

  • Loading and unloading: A conveyor belt system automatically loads and unloads the system to facilitate continuous marking.
  • Part positioning: The automated system moves the part into place so the laser marks the appropriate side.
  • Laser positioning: Robotic arms, in conjunction with a vision system, control the laser with absolute precision on the x-axis, y-axis and z-axis.
  • Part inspection: A vision system analyzes parts before marking to detect defects and exclude faulty parts from the marking process.


Laser Marking Systems With AI Augmentation

Telesis offers numerous laser marking systems that feature AI augmentation and integrate with robotics systems:

  • Fiber laser markers
  • Green laser markers
  • Vanadate laser markers
  • UV laser markers
  • Proven CO2 systems
  • Dual-head laser systems


Benefits of Laser Marking Automation

Integrating automation technology into the laser marking process further improves the technology that drives efficiency and accuracy. Use our automated laser engraving tools to access improvements in various areas:

  • Efficiency and productivity: Automation achieves new levels of accuracy and speed within the laser marking process, reducing cycle times and increasing throughput.
  • Lower labor costs: Automated laser marking accomplishes tasks with less reliance on employee labor.
  • Lower production costs: Automation reduces waste by improving accuracy, while laser marking reduces reliance on consumables.
  • Traceability and identification: AI and robotics help laser engravers create clear, lasting marks that your business can use to track products and reduce counterfeiting.
  • Safety: Robotics reduce the need for human staffing in dangerous environments and accomplish tasks that present ergonomic challenges.
  • Repeatability: AI and robotics complete high-volume processes the same way every cycle.


Robotics and AI Helping Your Laser Marking Solutions

Robotics and AI facilitate productivity and efficiency advancements in numerous laser marking applications. We produce automated laser marking systems for numerous industries, including:

  • Automotive industry: Engrave VINs and mark parts to prevent counterfeiting.
  • Medical device industry: Meet regulatory requirements for markings that prevent tampering and counterfeiting.
  • Packaging and food industries: Efficiently mark products with critical quality and tracking information.


Use Telesis for All of Your Laser Marking Needs

Telesis Technologies is the premier source for automated laser marking tools. We offer the largest selection of off-the-shelf and custom-engineered laser marking solutions that implement industry 4.0 advancements. We back our premium laser engraving products with stellar customer service and support, making Telesis a turnkey solution for your laser marking needs. We encourage you to request a quote for more information on our automated laser marking systems.

Telesis laser marking workstation.