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Dual-Head Laser System

The Dual-Head Laser Engraver is our patented fiber laser system designed for efficient laser marking. With dual heads, you can control two laser markers using the same controller to accomplish more from one machine. This laser engraver is suited for advanced laser applications with pieces needing quick processing. It is also the only fiber laser system to be air-cooled and powered from a single-phase power outlet.

Many businesses start with a single laser system to support their needs. As your business grows, having a Dual-Head Laser System can help you increase your output while expanding your laser marking capabilities.

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Features of Our Dual-Head Engraver

The Dual-Head Laser System has several key features that make this system one-of-a-kind in the industry, including:

  • Mark-on-the-fly technology: This technology allows the engraver to mark materials at high speeds.
  • Customization options: Telesis Technologies, Inc. offers custom-engineered solutions so you can configure your Dual-Head Laser System to your unique needs.
  • Multiple applications: The Dual-Head Laser Engraver can engrave metal surfaces, acrylics and wood.

Advantages of the Dual-Head Laser Engraver System

Our Dual-Head Laser System offers several benefits for your company and production processes. This laser engraver:

  • Increases throughput: The dual-head system allows for faster laser engraving. You can increase your output in the same amount of time compared to laser systems with a single head.
  • Improves reliability: Downtime is virtually eliminated because these systems have two separate lasers. If one laser needs service, you can continue to operate with the other laser head. This setup improves the reliability of your laser system, even when maintenance is needed.
  • Saves floor space: Controlling the dual-head lasers from one controller reduces the space you need for your machines.
  • Reduces part handling: The Dual-Head Laser Engraver reduces part handling by the operator, minimizing operational costs.
  • Enhances laser performance: The dual-head setup combines two beams in the system using small and lightweight optical elements. Combining these two lasers creates a cross-polarized beam to make the cut width consistent regardless of cutting direction.

The Dual-Head Laser Marker is configurable to your specific needs.


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