Telesis technology does more than you think. We make marks on parts that most people don’t ever consider. From the bar codes on your groceries to the serial numbers on transportation and electronics, our marking systems have a solution that fits your business.

You name it, we mark it. Our laser marking systems have the capability to mark on a multitude of surfaces. With our versatile technologies, we’re able to serve a variety of industries to help them carry out their essential business with ease. Explore each industry that we serve below.

Our Industries

  • Construction & Housing

    Built to last longer than any inkjet method of printing, Telesis’ technology provides a sustainable solution for permanently marking construction and building equipment, building components, and construction materials.

  • Munitions & Firearms

    When it comes to protecting your life, you want self defense mechanisms that are reliable and up to code that follow government regulations. The companies that make these weapons and firearms trust marking companies like Telesis to provide marking equipment that exceeds government requirements and will produce top notch markings on their products.

  • Automotive Manufacturers & Suppliers

    The automotive manufacturing industry relies on Telesis’ part marking equipment to create long-lasting and high contrast human-readable text, 2D Matrix codes, and VINs on their products.

  • Medical Device Manufacturers

    The most robust, cost-efficient, and safe permanent marking systems guarantee fast cycle-time and safe products. Telesis laser marking and dot peen equipment can mark every type of medical devices: tubes, catheters, pacemakers, prosthesis, pumps, and beyond.

  • Aerospace & Defense

    Permanent, durable markings are of the utmost importance when it comes to traceability in the aerospace industry. Telesis laser marking and dot peen equipment can mark on aerospace products and commercial aircraft manufacturers.

  • Consumer Products

    Our laser marking systems are proven to create high contrast marks that last for the lifetime of manufactured products. We create markings on appliances found in central spaces of consumers’ homes, making a direct impact on their everyday lives.

  • Packaging & Food

    When it comes to getting food on the shelves of your local grocery and convenience stores, we help manufacturing companies mark on packaging for various purposes including tracing and tracking.

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