Laser Engraving Machine for Wood

Laser engraving gives your product a fresh look, customized with a design that best fits your brand. This process uses lasers to etch a custom design into the material without ink, paint or pigments. The design is transferred to the material via heat that is generated when the laser strikes the surface of the object.

What is the best laser engraver for wood? Continue reading to discover more about wood engraving machines, the advantages of engraving wood and how Telesis Technologies, Inc. can help you begin engraving wood.

  • Can Fiber Lasers Engrave Wood?

    Using fiber lasers to engrave wood should be avoided. There are two main reasons you should not use a fiber laser to engrave wood:

    1. Fire hazard: Applying heat to wood results in the obvious — a fire. Doing so when laser engraving can cause your wood to ignite, which is a very serious safety hazard. The hazard occurs when the beam travels to the wood where there is no controlled absorption due to its shorter wavelength.
    2. Lack of control: Because of the uncontrolled absorption wood has on fiber lasers, it is nearly impossible to make marks that are even or clean. Therefore, they often turn out charred and are sometimes unidentifiable, making it impossible to create clear designs.

    While fiber lasers can successfully engrave other materials, you should avoid using them to engrave wood and other organic materials.

Why You Should Choose the CO2 Laser Marker

The CO2 laser engraving machine can engrave wood with practically any design.
  • The best wood engraving machine is the carbon dioxide (CO2) laser marker. The CO2 laser marking machine can engrave practically any design — logos, serial numbers, barcodes and more — without risk of starting a fire. The wavelength is large and can be easily absorbed by organic materials like wood, causing the wood to react like it would to another cutting tool.The CO2 laser marking machine provides specific benefits that make it a superior marking machine for wood:
    1. Clean and controlled: The marks left on the wood are clean and fresh, not uneven like a fiber laser would create.
    2. Compact and cost-effective: Companies upgrade from other marking methods to CO2 lasers because of their cost-effectiveness and compactness.
    3. Speed: The CO2 laser marking machine produces marks at high speeds, saving you time and money.

    Wood Laser Engraving Applications

    From cabinets to photo frames to knife handles, you can use a wood engraving laser to apply designs to several kinds of products. There are a few specific ways to add designs to wood, including:

    • Inlays: To inlay a design or pattern, a piece of wood veneer is set into a depression in the wood, and the laser moves across the depression. This could look like a border on a table, a piece of wood wall art or the branding in a guitar head.
    • Item personalization: Using a laser engraver for a wood item will give it a personal touch that is completely unique to you. Consider personalizing a phone case, a skateboard, a porch sign or a picture frame. This process can help you create unique gifts or promotional items.
    • Prototyping: If you are building a product and need a prototype, laser engraving is an efficient way to get the job done. The speed at which you can cut the wood to the right specifications will allow you to develop your prototype in no time.
    • Photo engraving: If you work with photography, you could use engraving technology to engrave a photo onto a piece of wood that will commemorate it in a unique and special way.

  • Wood laser marking is suitable for several types of wood

  • Benefits of Laser Marking On Wood

    A laser marking machine for wood can provide unique benefits that will allow you to create a stunning branded product. Below are just a few advantages of laser engraving:

    1. Focused laser point: Laser engraving machines have a laser point that is just a fraction of a millimeter. This gives you maximum precision and allows you to create incredibly intricate designs.
    2. Marks: The marks you create with a laser machine will be legible and permanent with a high contrast. This allows you to display messages that will last a long time and cut the costs of upkeep you would otherwise need to invest.
    3. Versatility: While laser engraving has many benefits for wood applications, you can also use the process on a variety of materials like metal, rubber, plastic, silicone and paper.
    4. Precision and accuracy: Because the laser does not make direct contact with the wood, you can avoid accidental markings. If you are looking for a way to apply precise designs and patterns to various wood materials, you should use a laser engraving machine.
    5. Durability: Laser engraving systems produce durable markings that are less likely to wear away when exposed to external factors. Therefore, your investment is sure to last a long time.

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