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Vanadate Laser Marker

Vanadate laser markers are an E-Series diode-pumped yttrium aluminum garnet (YAG) system. Vanadate lasers have great beam quality, high peak powers and premium depth of focus. The lasers make a mark in the material, not on the surface, resulting in a durable, smudge-proof and permanent engraving that acids, oils and solvents cannot alter.

The vanadate laser markers can create marks on a wide range of heat-sensitive materials, including plastic, silicon, label materials, metal and foil. It is ideal for fine marking and applications requiring high consistency, such as the automotive industry. Vanadate lasers can mark seatbelt buckles, camshafts, data plates, dashboard switches and more.

Telesis EVCDS laser marker

Features of Our Vanadate Laser

Telesis Technologies, Inc. vanadate laser markers offer several key features to enhance your laser-marking capabilities, including:

  • Simple engraving capabilities: Vanadate laser markers offer engraving for a low cost, making this laser system a good fit for companies looking to invest in their first laser marker.
  • Application versatility: Our vanadate laser markers have precise setting controls, allowing operators to fine-tune the laser for engraving, surface marking, color marking or annealing.
  • Small heat-affected zone (HAZ): Compared to other lasers, vanadate laser markers have a very small HAZ, so they can be used on delicate, heat-sensitive components.

This laser marking system is available in three models — EVCDS, EV15DS and EV40. All of these models come with mark-on-the-fly technology, Vari-Z 3-axis and a programmable mounting post.

EVCDS Laser Marking System

EV15DS Laser Marking System

EV40 Laser Marking System

  • Vari-Z 3-Axis 
  • Mark-on-the-Fly Technology
  • Programmable Mounting Post

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Why Choose Telesis Technologies, Inc. for Laser Marking Systems?

Telesis Technologies, Inc. is an industry leader in laser marking technologies. Our laser engravers introduced new technologies to the market and have helped businesses across industries improve their laser capabilities.

We have innovated the laser marking industry with:

  • Rugged, reliable systems built to last in tough working environments.
  • Custom-engineered solutions designed for your unique application.
  • Turnkey solutions for equipment, software, integration, maintenance and service.
  • Dedicated and knowledgeable staff ready to help you find the right laser system.

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