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When it comes to getting food on the shelves of your local grocery and convenience stores, we help manufacturing companies mark on packaging for various purposes including tracing and tracking.

Partner with Telesis to Mark on All Types of Brand Packaging.

Packaging suppliers trust our laser marker machines to accurately follow their packaging design and mark on custom packaging. When your company is trying to get their food products out the door onto the shelves, and into consumer hands, it’s important to have a system in place that benefits your workflow, not hinder it. Printing on food packaging with the use of a laser is a reliable way to ensure that your printing is accurate, tamper-proof, and efficiently done.

From food labels or stickers to custom plastic bags and other retail packaging, our laser machines are capable of marking on food wrappers, beverage packaging, ingredients labels, and more. Marking on uneven surfaces or bottles, boxes, and containers of all shapes, sizes, and colors can be done with our systems. Marking on the fly and micro-printing without even moving the laser to print on multiple surfaces is possible with Telesis’ laser equipment.

The Benefits of Using Laser Marking in the Food Packaging Industry

  • Permanent & Long-Lasting

    With laser markers that leave lasting marks, it’s virtually impossible to destroy or obscure the packaging as opposed to using another printing method.

  • More Sanitary

    Laser marking is more sanitary than paper labeling. With a laser, you’re able to create crisp, clean lines that won’t smudge like ink would on paper labels.

  • Prevent Counterfeit Products

    By using a laser to mark on your food packaging, it makes it hard for scammers to replicate or alter your packaging design. With laser markings, each one has a unique “fingerprint” for identification that deters others from creating counterfeit products.

Types of Lasers for Custom Food Packaging

UV/one™ Laser Marker

This all-in-one system does not require a separate controller to create high-contrast marks that withstand the test of time. The all-in-one design of the marker and controller combination saves space in your facility with a compact footprint for easy integration into production lines.

Through suppressed heat effects, burrs and yellow tinting are eliminated, allowing for a nearly perfect finish. Eliminate day-to-day consumables and reduce operational costs with this Telesis laser marker.

CO2 Laser

Proven CO2 systems provide a galvo-steered beam. It is an excellent choice for heavy use and high-duty cycle environments and is beneficial to label and packaging operations as it removes the need for consumables and speeds process. Equally capable of stationary bench-top use and mark-on-the-fly installations, this machine can mark up to 1300 characters per second in automated environments.

Prevent Pharmaceuticals Counterfeit

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