Prevent Counterfeit Products with Dot Peen and Laser Marking

According to a March 2018 study by the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development, 3.3% of global trade is counterfeit goods. Every product across various industries deal with counterfeiting issues. This includes electrical machinery, medical apparatus, vehicles, and even pharmaceutical products.

Counterfeit electronics alone account for 138 billion dollars of lost revenue in the United States. And, as technology makes it easier to produce realistic looking fake products, counterfeiting is becoming more common.

There are ways to protect a company’s products. Paper or plastic labels, logos, and graphics are some methods. But these are easily duplicated and manipulated.

A Better Way

The most secure way to protect your product from falling victim to counterfeiting is to create a permanent mark. A permanent mark can make counterfeiting harder. And, in some cases, impossible.

Telesis Technologies offers several different options to create these marks and prevent counterfeiting.

Using Dot Peen Marks to Combat Counterfeiting

Dot Peen Prevents Counterfeit

Dot Peen marks can prevent counterfeiting.

With a mark created by dot peen equipment, the customer can add a unique 2D matrix code. They can then track and verify their products with these marks. With Telesis software such as Merlin® Font Generator, the customer can also create a proprietary font.  This font would contain very slight modifications which help verify a genuine product.

Another feature of  Telesis PINSTAMP® Dot Peen allows the user to mark with different cone angles. This, along with the ability to mark at various depths creates a unique “mark fingerprint” for identification.

2D Matrix Code laser engraved on Metal

A 2D matrix code and human readable text engraved on metal

Using Laser Marking System to Combat Counterfeiting

Telesis laser marking systems can mark very small and detailed 2D matrix codes. The operator can hide these codes under paint or in an area that is not visible without special lighting. Using Merlin® Font Generator with the laser means we can create a one-of-a kind font. This font can be modified when needed by the manufacturer.

The laser can also create highly detailed graphics. When utilized in conjunction with additional special marks, they are impossible to duplicate without the original vector file. If using the all-in-one Telesis UV/one™ laser, the customer can even utilize micro-printing that cannot be seen by the human eye. A micro mark and a graphic can even be combined to embed and hide the microprinting inside the graphic.

High resolution laser engravingultra deep laser engravingmicro marking laser

Another way to prevent counterfeiting is to create a very deep mark. The Telesis F100 Fiber Laser Marking System with Vari-Z™ can create deep marks that cannot be removed without damage to the part. Deep marks are standard in many different industries to prevent tampering with the product.

Telesis designs and builds both the software and the markers. This means our team has the capability to develop a custom counterfeit process that would be impossible to reproduce.

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