robotic integrations with lasers and dot peen part marking

Using Robotic Integration with Laser and Dot Peen Part Marking


Robot Integration with Part Marking

Robots are no longer a future technology. Today robots are a very important part of the manufacturing process. They can move and place parts with incredible precision and speed, increasing productivity and improving accuracy during part marking and engraving. Technology today is one that many manufactures have found to be the most cost-effective and reliable way to move parts.

The Challenge in Marking

Traditional conveyors or slide systems may require you to add additional steps to your part marking process. For example: a step to turn the part or rotate for additional marking areas. Another challenge with traditional part movement systems is marking small or thin parts that need perfect alignment for proper marking.

laser marking robotics

Robots can Increase Productivity

A robot easily solves these issues because they can place the part correctly every cycle. Fixtures on the robot act like very delicate fingers that grab the part and position it for the correct marking.

The robot is only part of the solution. The marking system must be able to work seamlessly with the robot controls. Commands that handshake and work together to place the perfect mark and tell the robot when to take the next step. With the proper marking system, integrated cameras can provide feedback on the mark placement, the quality of the code, and many other variables.

Telesis Technologies’ suite of products — both dot peen and laser marking systems — expertly work within a system of controls and integrate into production processes. Robot integration in a manufacturing cell with a Telesis marker is a perfect combination. Telesis provides the most advanced integrated marking systems for your applications.

Telesis engineers have the experience with all the leading robot manufacturers to integrate for a total solution—be it vision guided, custom end-effectors, or even adding “a sense of touch” to the robot. Telesis can supply the total Robo-Laze Solution!

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