Preventing laser marking errors

How to Prevent Laser Marking Errors Caused by Operators

Manufacturers are always looking for ways to reduce lost production from human error. Many times, automated systems can prevent operator mistakes. These systems detect the possibility of an error before it happens. Catching the possibility of the error is the most effective way to save money and prevent loss of product.

The Problem

One common error happens when the operator loads a part that he will mark with a serial number. After the operator marks that part with a laser engraver, they will need to remove the part. If that part is not removed and replaced with a new blank part, it will accidentally get marked a second time. The cost associated with this mistake is substantial.

With some customers’ products, both serial numbers (the original and the accidental second one) would need to be documented as incorrectly marked. Those serial numbers cannot be used again without a lengthy procedure to restore those numbers. This costs the customer down time, as well as introduces extra work processes.

Unfortunately, in some manufacturing processes, the part may be worth a very high dollar amount. The loss of one part could be a large expense for the customer to absorb.

Laser Marking Operator

The Solution

The customer has a way to verify the part is already marked with a serial number and prevent the operator from making errors.

Merlin, Telesis Technologies’ proprietary laser and dot peen marking software includes a suite of technologically advanced digital tools. Because Merlin ships with every Telesis laser, all Telesis customers enjoy this benefit.

Specifically, this software includes a
detection tool called the iZONIT® Intelligent Pixel Tracker. This tool uses vision technology and a camera to search a specified area. The tool then verifies that the part is either marked or not marked.  Then other functions of the Merlin® software allow the operator to execute a marking command, abort a marking process, or jump to another command.

With Intelligent Pixel Tracker, our customers can purchase an automated system that keeps an eye on your company’s bottom line. In many cases the return on investment occurs after the tool finds the first error.

Prevent Human Error with Intelligent Pixel Tracker. Reach out to a permanent marking expert at Telesis today.

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