Popular Dot Peen Markers

PINSTAMP® TMP1700 Dot Peen

This proven dot peen industrial workhorse is an industry staple and continues to impress.

PINSTAMP® TMP3200 Dot Peen

The PINSTAMP® TMP3200 dot peen marker is a simple, yet robust belt-driven dual-rail that uses an X/Y platform and yields high-quality characters.


A powerful piece of hand-held equipment, this dot peenmarker eliminates the need for air.

PINSTAMP® TMP4750 Dot Peen

The TMP4750 is the latest addition to the PINSTAMP® dot peen family of marking systems.

PINSTAMP® TMM5400 Dot Peen

This dot peen marker features 8 independent pins that allow it to make up to 16 characters per second. The extremely compact marking head is also one of the world’s fastest dot peen markers.

PINSTAMP® TMP6100 Dot Peen

The TMP6100 is an incredibly lightweight and compact hand-held dot peen marker, great for smaller environments where movement and space are restricted.