SC2000 Dot Peen Scribe Marker



The SC2000 is a great low-noise compact marker for continuous marking of human-readable characters and symbols.



The robust X/Y stepper motor-driven platform is an excellent choice for many manual and automated marking applications, especially those with speed/depth requirements beyond those of traditional stepper motor-driven designs. The SC2000 provides an ample 2.95″ x 1.57″ (75mm x 40mm) marking window and offers a wide selection of marking pins.

TeleScribe® SC2000 by Telesis
  • Great for marking organic materials like wood, rubber, paper, and ceramic
  • Equally capable at stationary bench-top use and mark on the fly installations
  • Excellent choice for heavy industrial and high- duty cycle applications
  • Excellent choice for heavy use and high-duty cycle environments
  • Rotary fixtures for marking circumferences of cylindrical parts
  • Marking head mounting post, including programmable Z-axis version
  • Quick disconnect marking head mounting post for handheld version
  • Panel-mount and IP/NEMA Rated Controllers
  • PC-Based Upgrade Utility available FREE from for easy software upgrade
  • Powerful Windows based Merlin® III software

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