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Welcome to Telesis Technologies!


Telesis is the global leader in product identification and traceability technologies. The Telesis brands of permanent and programmable laser, dot peen and scribe marking systems are fast and durable and are relied upon in thousands of manufacturing environments around the world.


Telesis offers a full line of laser marking systems capable of satisfying even the most demanding laser marking applications for industry. These laser systems cover the spectrum of wavelengths enabling applications to a wide range of products, from medical devices and instruments to automotive components, delicate plastics, ceramics, glass and airframe components, and can mark virtually any material with text, bar codes, 2-D codes, logos and graphics.


Fully programmable PINSTAMP® Single and Multiple Pin Marking Systems are based on the Telesis patented Floating Pin design. The pneumatically driven metal pins permanently indent the target surface with the most consistent dot available.


TeleScribe® Marking Systems inscribe high quality, continuous line characters in materials from plastics to hardened steel - in virtual silence.


All standard and custom Telesis marking systems are backed by a global network of knowledgeable sales and service professionals.

Automated Quality Control

•  Integrated camera reads codes on items as they are marked.
•  Camera instantly analyzes code integrity.
•  Real-time verification eliminates wasted parts.
•  Virtually removes the possibility of human error.
•  Great for intricate part marking.

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