BenchMark320® with iZONIT™

Telesis // BenchMark Dot Peen // BenchMark320® with IZONIT™

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Electric Dot Peen Marker with Vision Technology

Plug and play setup—system works directly out of the box

Built for heavy duty performance and deep marking capabilities

Easy to use software: what you see is what you mark

Streamlined and compact equipment

Ergonomic design for easy part loading and positioning

Fully electric means no air is required

100 mm x 150 mm (4.0 in x 6.0 in) marking area

Dot peen marker in factory space
  • Visualize the mark before it’s permanent
  • Refine mark location using a simple on-screen interface
  • Mark differently shaped parts with ease
  • Control equipment while maintaining a secure operating distance  
  • Maintain constant visual reference of marking on the line
  • Rotary fixtures for marking circumferences of cylindrical parts
  • Marking head mounting post, including programmable Z-axis
  • Easy and free software upgrades

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