Industrial Marking Solutions

Are you looking for permanent marking of metals, plastics or organic materials? Are you a workshop, a family company or a large manufacturing plant?

Telesis Marking Systems UK has the marking systems and the expertise to ensure the traceability of your products.

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    Telesis PINSTAMP® TMP100
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    Widely Trusted PINSTAMP® Dot Peen Markers

    Telesis PINSTAMP® Dot Peen machines use a hardened pin to indent the surface to be marked with permanent serial numbers, text, graphics, logos, and 2D matrix codes.

    All PINSTAMP® pneumatic dot peen markers include the revolutionary floating pin technology that enables them to overcome material height differences up to 8mm. The result is a clean and sharp mark on metal, concrete, or plastic.

    Whether you are marking a few parts or thousands of parts per day, PINSTAMP® marks deeply, quickly, and efficiently.

    Premium Laser Marking Systems

    From medical devices, to automotive components; from delicate plastics to organic material, Telesis manufactures a laser marking solution to meet your needs. We work with producers to permanently mark virtually any material with text, graphics, barcodes, 2D matrix codes, UDI, and logos.

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    Telesis UK

    • On-site laser marking system and dot peen demonstrations
    • Free sample marking of any part
    • UK-based sales team
    • UK-based service and support team
    • Demonstrations available at Telesis office in Sheffield