Circleville,OH -July 4 th , 2011 --Telesis Technologies Inc., a world leader in manufacturing standard and
customized permanent parts marking equipment and systems, announces a new addition to their E-
series line of diode-pumped laser marking systems: the new Telesis EVC Laser System.
Priced aggressively, the small footprint Telesis EVC
Laser system allows VANADATE laser technology
to enter the "Green Space" required by the latest
packaging mandates while serving core markets
such as Automotive, Aerospace, and Medical as
well. With new materials such as foils and HDPE
plastics becoming the norm for packaging
applications, Telesis provides the solution to mark
"on-the-fly" at high speeds without burn thru on
delicate foils and with contrast on various plastics;
as well as, lightening fast marking on chip boards,
plastic bottles, and other various materials without consumables or ecology issues.
The Telesis EVC features a Q-switched Nd:YVO 4 end-pumped laser design with a remote fiber-coupled
diode pump source. With average diode life of greater than 25,000 working hours and low replacement
cost, the EVC offers the user "best-in-class" reliability with low cost of ownership. To further enhance
the "Mark of Confidence " associated with the latest Telesis product, the robust mechanical and optical
design allows the Telesis EVC laser to operate in an industrial environment where shock, vibration, and
dust are a concern.
Key attributes like deep focal tolerance, high quality small beam diameter, air cooled-no chiller required,
stable output power, and DOD complaint enhance the latest Telesis product release of the EVC laser.
Additional enhancements available for packaging applications include integrated PC with touch screen
interface, Merlin LS AMI "scan and go" software, quick- posts, and encoder controls.
Telesis Technologies Inc. is a world leader in manufacturing standard and customized permanent parts
marking/processing equipment and systems - including a vast bandwidth of Laser processing equipment,
Pinstamp®, and TeleScribe® scribe marking systems. Since 1971, Telesis has provided the "Mark of Confidence" to
companies the world over, from small shops to Fortune 100 manufacturing firms and governmental organizations.
Telesis Technologies, Inc. is the most trusted brand in the parts-marking/processing industry.
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